Are ceramic braces & traditional metal braces the same?


Do Ceramic Clear Braces Work Same As Traditional Braces?

Orthodontic patients now have a combination of metal and ceramic braces to select from. While this is undoubtedly a good thing because it lets you have more individualized care, we also acknowledge that patients may find it a bit confusing sometimes. In this blog, we’ll take a more intimate look to better understand the orthodontic options available for teeth straightening.

Metal Braces

Conventional metal braces are still the most popular teeth straightening method for many people. They’re an adequate and affordable way to straighten your teeth. But what about if you’d like a distinct look for your braces? Metal braces come in many various styles and designs, and some may be more suitable for some cases.

Traditional metal braces have brackets attached to the teeth. Each one is connected to the archwire with tiny rubber bands or metal ties. Our Southlake orthodontist tightens the brackets to shift the teeth into the correct position. Self-ligating braces also use trap-door technology to hold the wire from coming untied. Another style of metal braces is known as lingual braces, inserted behind the teeth, so the brackets can’t be seen.

Benefits Of Metal Braces:

  • Metal braces are much stronger than ceramic braces. That means they can last longer and deliver more strength to your teeth.
  • Metal braces are less likely to cause difficulty in tooth movement or damage the teeth.
  • Traditional braces can be more comfortable for some people, as they don’t warm up as much or irritate the teeth.

Ceramic Braces

Unlike metal braces, ceramic braces are almost invisible. They work like metal braces but are made of tooth-colored materials that imitate the tooth color. Ceramic braces have clear wires and brackets, making them the preferred choice for patients who aren’t interested in Invisalign or lingual braces. This option is also less noticeable and more convenient for patients who want to avoid the humiliation of constantly worrying about their looks & smile.

When deciding which braces to choose it is crucial to understand what each type will cost. That is because traditional metal braces generally are more affordable than ceramic braces. Depending on the complexity of your orthodontic situation, your insurance may cover some of the cost of ceramic braces.

Benefits Of Ceramic Braces 

Ceramic braces are increasing in popularity over metal braces as they offer many additional benefits. 

  • Ceramic braces are less costly than metal braces and are replaceable, more often, which is great for people who want to wear them for a briefer period. 
  • Ceramic braces are much comfier and less likely to render difficulties.
  • You can also wear them for a longer period than metal braces, which permits them to gain a better result. 
  • Ceramic braces are less prone to inducing pain, they’re effortless to take care of and less prone to infection. 
  • They also tend to be more delicate on your teeth.

Metal or Ceramic Braces: Which is Better?

There are a lot of people out there who are considering teeth straightening with metal or ceramic braces to help enhance smiles . If you are looking for a long-term solution, metal braces may be the better option for you, but it depends upon the individual needs of the patient. The choice between the two materials can be a little difficult, though.

There is a lot of debate encompassing braces, with metal and ceramic braces being among the most popular. The good news is that metal and ceramic braces have unique benefits that should be considered when making a decision.

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