How To Handle Orthodontic Emergencies?


Do you have loose wires or bands? Or do you have food stuck in your braces, and you can’t get them out? Well, you need to visit the orthodontist to get emergency orthodontic treatment in Southlake to avoid disrupting your progress.

Although orthodontic emergencies or broken appliances are rare they do occur; therefore, you should be aware of how you can handle such situations. The following blog will help you understand what to do in case of orthodontic emergencies in Southlake.

What Are Considered As Orthodontic Emergencies?

  • Loose retainer wire
  • Loose appliance
  • Loose bracket
  • Soreness
  • Mouth sores
  • Lost or broken retainer
  • Poking wire
  • Injury to your jaw

6 Common Orthodontic Emergencies & How To Handle Them?

  • Irritation & Soreness

After getting your braces, it’s only natural to experience some discomfort. Very often, braces hurt when they are new and especially while eating. However, your mouth will soon get adjusted to it. In case you have headaches or pain, you can also take medications suggested by the orthodontist.

  • Mouth Sores

Mouth sores are a common phenomenon especially when you first receive your braces. Mouth sores occur due to different reasons, such as biting your cheek or tongue, braces, chewing tobacco, etc. Although braces don’t cause sores, they can make the problem worse. However, you can take certain measures to protect your cheeks.

  • Apply wax on the bracket, wire, or appliance rubbing against your cheek.
  • Make sure you rinse your mouth with a warm salt water solution To soothe your gums and cheeks.
  • If the irritation persists, you can always visit your Orthodontist in Southlake.
  • Loose Appliances

If your wires or braces are loose or cause discomfort, you can follow the instructions below and visit the orthodontist as soon as possible.

  • Use a cotton swab and move the wire into a comfortable position.
  • Use sterile tweezers to slide the bracket.
  • You can also apply wax or sugarless gum to avoid irritation.
  • Avoid attaching any elastics to a broken part of your braces.
  • Make sure you visit the orthodontist immediately to avoid lengthening the duration of your orthodontic treatment.
  • Loose Brackets

Brackets are small pieces glued to the surface of your teeth. Very often, when we consume sticky, chewy, or hard foods, it can loosen these brackets. This can cause discomfort and also hinder your progress. If you have loose brackets, make sure you visit the orthodontist.

  • Poking Wires

Sometimes, the archwire can dislocate or break due to different reasons. For instance, eating hard, chewy & crunchy foods can cause the archwire to break or snap. This can poke the soft tissues in your mouth and cause sores or cuts on your cheeks and gums.

If you have your wires poking out, you can use orthodontic wax. It is a special wax that protects the inside of your mouth, such as your lips, cheeks, and gums. It reduces your irritation by creating a barrier between the sharp ends of the brackets and your mouth. However, make sure you follow the instructions given by the orthodontist or the steps mentioned below.

  • First, brush your teeth to remove any food particles
  • Let the area dry
  • Once it’s dry, press a pea-sized ball of orthodontic wax until the area is covered.
  • If the wire continues to irritate you, you can carefully cut it with a nail clipper.
  • Injury Or Trauma To Your Jaw

If you had a traumatic injury causing cuts, loose teeth, or any other issue, make sure you visit our orthodontist immediately for Emergency Orthodontic care in Southlake.


To prevent such orthodontic emergencies, make sure you wear mouthguards while playing sports. Also, avoid foods that can harm your teeth. Follow a proper oral care routine and visit the best Orthodontist in Southlake any time you face an issue. Ignoring the dental issue can lengthen the duration of your treatment.