Why Retainers Are Important After Orthodontic Treatment


Are you excited about finally getting your braces off? As you should be! Getting your braces off means you can finally eat those foods you have been waiting for but couldn’t because of braces. However, your orthodontic treatment isn’t over yet! To avoid your teeth from reverting to their original position, you should get your retainers from Southlake, TX, which will ensure a long-lasting smile for life.

What Are Retainers?

A retainer is a plastic or metal appliance that keeps maintains your straight teeth after orthodontic treatment. Retainers from Southlake, TX, are custom-made to fit your teeth perfectly. They apply pressure and avoid the teeth from drifting back to their original position.

There are several types of retainers, but the most common use is removable and fixed retainers. The best type of retainer for you will be decided by the orthodontist, which will be based on different factors such as your age, condition of your teeth, etc.

Why Retainers Are Important After Orthodontic Treatment?

If you don’t use a retainer after your orthodontic treatment, there’s a good possibility they will revert to the way they were before the orthodontic treatment. If you ignore wearing retainers, it can cause a relapse, which will then require extensive treatment. The extent of shifting will depend on how regularly you wear the retainers. Retainers are also easy to clean, and it’s a small price to pay for your long-lasting smile. 

Here’s How Retainers Help You After Orthodontic Treatment

  • Stabilize Your Bite

After your orthodontic treatment from Southlake, TX, the soft tissues around your teeth need some time to adapt to the changes. With the help of retainers, they slowly stabilize in their new arrangement, and the likelihood of relapse is minimal. This will ensure you have long-lasting results from your orthodontic treatment.

  • Maintain Space For New Teeth

If your teen just got off their orthodontic treatment, they will need retainers to maintain their results. As their bodies are still developing they will need retainers to make ensure there’s enough space for the eruption of new teeth like wisdom teeth. The diligent use of retainers will ensure that the teeth don’t shift or crowd, and your child will have the perfect smile.

  • Prevent Treatment Reversal

If you just got your braces removed, there’s a high chance your teeth will start moving back to their original position. A retainer can prevent this reversal. However, depending on your case your orthodontist will recommend the number of years you will have to wear your retainers.

If you used braces to correct the gaps between your teeth, it will take longer for the teeth to stabilize. Especially, if you used it for severely displaced teeth, large overbites, and underbites. It is important to hold the teeth, which have been repositioned. Retainers will help to hold them in their new spaces until your mouth can adapt to these changes.

  • They Align Your Jaw Bones With Gums

When your teeth have been aligned into the new position, the gums and bones surrounding the teeth will take longer to adjust to this new arrangement. Retainers will help you retain this position and ensure your alignment. It will also prevent misaligned jaws and protect you from various other dental issues. 

The Best Quality Retainers In Southlake, TX

If you want to ensure a long-lasting smile for life, get your retainers from Southlake, TX. At Tolleson Orthodontics, we provide both removable and fixed retainers of the best quality. Our Dr. Tolleson will instruct you on how to care for your retainer and the duration to help you achieve the best smile for years to come. Contact us today to get your retainers from the best orthodontist in Southlake, TX.